Small Batches: Made By Us

We believe that nobody cares about our products as much as we do which is why we do everything here in our lab in Georgia.

Sourcing Ingredients

We source our raw materials from vendors we know and trust to ensure that only the freshest and finest quality ingredients make it into our formulas.

Research & Development

We meticulously tweak every formula until we get just the right texture, efficacy and stability to ensure that you are getting only the best quality products. These are formulas we believe in made with ingredients that we trust.


We try to use glass packaging whenever possible, and choose plastic where it makes sense. Our Into the Grove Facial Cleanser comes in plastic packaging because we know some of us like to wash our face in the shower. Slippery hands, glass packaging and bare feet are not a good combination, which is why we will stick to plastic packaging in these cases.

We also decided to ditch product boxes. If you are like us we save them for a week and ultimately end up throwing them away. To cut down on waste we included everything you need to know about your product on the label.


We pack everything with care by hand. We want to do everything possible to ensure that the products we love so much get to you in the best shape possible.