Cherry Kernel Oil

INCI: Prunus Avium (Cherry) Kernel Oil

Function: Emollient

Benefits: Anti-aging, ant-inflammatory

*Cold pressed

The Science: Cherry kernel oil helps to support collagen production, helps to lower inflammation and is safe for sensitive skin. It is rich in the polyphenolic compounds phytosterols and flavonoids. Phytosterols help to soothe and moisturize the skin. Flavonoid antioxidants help to prevent oxidative stress which in turn reduces signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Carotenoids are also found in cherry kernel oil and are dermal antioxidants that support elastin and collagen production. This in turn helps to increase elasticity and firmness of the skin as well as increasing skin’s density. Oleic and linoleic fatty acids, as well as vitamins A and E help to make up cherry kernel oil. Oleic acid helps to promote wound healing and helps to calm the skin due to its anti-inflammatory nature.  Linoleic acid (vitamin F, unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid)  is more lightweight than oleic acid and is more easily absorbed into the skin. It provides moisture, making the skin more plump without weighing it down. It also helps in strengthening the skin’s barrier to better protect from pollutants and UV damage. Linoleic acid is the most abundant fatty acid in the stratum corneum. Vitamin A helps to promote cell regeneration to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce swelling and erythema. It helps to protect skin cells from damage and it is naturally found in sebum. 

The Story: Cherry kernel oil helps to soothe irritated skin, especially after sun-exposure. It keeps skin hydrated to help minimize signs of aging.

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