Our Philosophy

At august afternoon skincare we believe that aging should be celebrated.  A wrinkle is a road map in your life, it shows all the laughs you’ve had and the memories you made. Nourished skin should be the focus and healthy skin is responsible for a youthful glow. 

Skincare developed for you directly by a chemist.

With 8 years of industry experience as a cosmetic chemist working for prestige brands and small businesses, I decided to follow my dream of starting my own skincare brand. I know what ingredients work and what is just filler added in by marketing. I wanted to create a brand that is formula-focused and includes ingredients that would truly improve skin’s overall health.

An Effortless Skincare Routine

As a child in the summer, we were so carefree and our skincare routine should be just as effortless. Multitasking formulas help streamline your routine making it more likely to stick with it on a busy schedule.